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The Action Going on With Jackson

Some sweet action going on with Mr Jackson at the moment. Though he may be one of the soundest fellas I have the pleasure of knowing, I shall try not to allow any understandable bias to creep into my thoughts on his sounds. But, as I’ve just recently said to the man himself, his productions are going from strength to strength.

Haven’t heard him play out for a while. He used to spin some of the best Minimal sets around Brighton, but with many like minded people, I believe from what I’ve heard through grapevines, his new sets are now moving, from a kinda ethno-techno vibe, to the stuff showcased in these two lovely tunes. UK Funky? Not sure what to call it, but Mr Mole and I are super feeling it at the moment and will be posting more of it up soon.

So, without further ado... here are two tunes by Action for the delight of your ears:

Action Jackson - Face Food by actionjacksonlondon

Action Jackson - Mama Gets Deep by actionjacksonlondon

He has generously promised me to keep us up to date with when he’s playing out...

If you lucky enough to be hittin-up Outlook Festival you can catch him there, With other such likely looking chaps as Skream, Pinch, Scuba, Shackleton, 2562, Roska (video below), Ramadanman, Pangea, Untold, etc etc etc . Wish I could be there but prior Cuban commitments.

Otherwise watch this space for when and where Action is playing out nearer to home.

(I.E. Brighton and London)

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