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Appleblim and Ramadanman - Void 23


 Dear sweet baby Jesus, son of Mary, but not of Joseph... this is a  release and a half.

Appleblim has been one of my absolute favourite DJs since the release of the phenomenal Dubstep Allstars Vol. 6 which I have listened to again and again (and to anyone who hasn't I strongly advise you to remedy this posthaste via link).

I believe it was the excellent Brighton DJ HertzProductions (from whom I have a stellar mix waiting in the wings) who first drew Appleblim's collaboration with Ramadanman, a sterling producer in his own right, to my attention. The pair initially released Jusitfy, not a bad tune by any measure, but with Void 23 the partnership comes of age. As Mole in his infinite wisdom remarked, the synergy you have between the two producers is such that you're unable to tell whose responsible for which elements, as is often written so clearly across big name collaborations.

The tune opens well with atmospheric textures of rustled wind chimes and indistinguishable mutters. Then such a  sweet drop. No lairy bassline needed, just a fucking stomping kick drum. As with so many rightminded individuals the pair seem to be moving progressively towards a techy house vibe that is right up my street.

There are many clever touches throughout. The gloopy bass that slouches nastily along the bridge at 4mins30 or the iron platted snare that could cave skulls at 5mins35. That these aren't even the main hooks of the tune, but subplots emphasises the quality.

The main hook, as it should be, is the beat, the rhythm which runs through the two distinct halves. Underwater pads provide the colour in the first section while a taut but building synth line dominates the latter half.

As Resident Advisor puts it this bad boy is streamlined for 'the dark catacombs of sonic bliss beneath the pavements of London and Berlin.' However Brighton's beginning to get up to speed as shown by the massive Dubpressure 5th birthday@Life on 10th Dec with Appleblim and Shakleton that you'd be a plum fool to miss.

   Ramadanman & Appleblim - Void 23 (Carl Craig Re-Edit)

The tune deservedly gets a  famous remixer for the B-Side. I am a big fan of Carl Craig, even if he does need to show a little more restraint when it comes to expressing his enthusiasm viz. grunting over mixes like a neanderthalic sexpest. That said I am hardly in a position to criticise exuberant verbal expression of musical pleasure. Though I hope I am a touch more articulate.

Carl does what he does best  re-editing the tune into a straight up techno killer, more pacy but maintaining the funk and swing of the original.

Bring on the tenth of December.

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