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Ayshay - Warn-U

After a bout of quite inexcusable laziness thought I better post something up sharpish before this blog falls off utterly everyone's radar into the never-regions of the net. Had a couple of mates actually comment that we had failed to post for a very very long while, which was quite a flattering surprise as I had mostly considered this blog as a way for me and Moleman to share tunes and witter at each other ineloquently. But now I shall think of you the (by this point dwindling to the point of extinction, but yet from word on the street still extant) fanbase.

...so without further a verbose ramble, we have Ayshay:

Ayshay means "whatever", which seems somehow in keeping with a nostalgic nonchalance that pervades this tune, but which simultaneously belies a meditative serenity which subverts a 'whateva' attitude.
Ayshay is a New York City-based artist/DJ born in Senegal and raised in Kuwait who builds music entirely from her own pitched and layered vocals.

...and for the ruder boys & gals amongst ya here's the jungle remix courtesy of Nguzunguzu:

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