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[Fabric 55 brings the Shack Attack]

Some recent news that many people (including myself) are rubbing their sweaty hands in anticipation of is the imminent arrival of the next installment in the illustrious Fabric mix series. Fabric 55 has none other than former Skull Disco label boss and current stable-member of the legendary techno label Perlon, Shackleton.

Shackleton has applied the Ricardo Villalobos formula to his mix, creating a composition of his own trademark middle-eastern dub-tec beats over the mix's 22 tracks. Expect a slew of unreleased material when the release drops on December 6th 2010, but get in there quick because some of these tracks will never see the light of day outside this mix, as Shackleton explains: "Some of the tracks are re-jigged versions of older material, some of them are new. Some of them will never see a release in any form aside from this. Some of them are not even tracks just coincidental parts merging with each other between tracks. Those are the best bits actually."

Here's Shackleton's acclaimed Three EP's to get your juices percolating, while you wait for what is sure to be a landmark in a mix series with 100+ installments to date.

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