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[Toothsayer @ Volks 12/10/10 and a few words with Danglo]

Getting daily more excited about the upcoming Toothsayer night. Almost worringly so, if my anticipation goes on to build in this exponential manner it might just rupture something vital. One of my housemates gets so excited before we put on a houseparty that by the time people begin to arrive 4 hours later than invited, she has exhausted herself, has a little cry and has to go to bed. So if you see me bedewing the Volks with me tears cut me some slack. Mole's even promise to get time off the day job to be my date (we shall see).
As well as the legendary Action Jackson, Steve 412 (don't ask what the numbers mean I did) you can catch Danglo and High Rankin underneath the 'world's oldest operating electric railway' .

Danglo is the man putting on the night. I have never had the chance to see him play out but am loving his mixes, such as this saucy blighter below.


Headlining this motley cohort is High Rankin. Humour in credible dance music is something of a rare treat, with far too much seriousness abounding. Germany being the largest exporter of innovative tunes until recently probably didn't help much. The Germs, for all their excellent work, do tend towards a certain taut functionality that doesn't easily lend itself to lightheartedness. Not something you could say of High Rankin.

Listening to his Cut You Down EP I found myself thinking Flying Lotus might have sound like this had he been born in Brighton, of English Pop ancestry rather than American Jazz royalty and trying to ween himself of a particularly nasty addiction to penny sweets. That is a compliment from a bombast Mr Rankin. (Follow link to listen to EP in full)

A little too scatty and day-glo neon in places, but moments of great production and hopefully just the thing for a raucous school night

Here are few words exchanged between me and Danglo for your entertainment and cultural enrichment:

What was the first tune you went crazy for/made you want to make music?

I’d say the tune that got me into dance music was probably Fat Boy Slim – Right Here Right Now. When my older sister had “I’m number 1, So why try Harder?"

But maybe… ‘Full Throttle’ by Prodigy. For some reason I went mental for that when I was 10. I didn’t have a clue what I was listening to but I knew I liked it.

So your Toothsayer night, do you have an ideology/desire to change the face of clubbing forever or are you just in it for some extra pocket money?

I do it for the money and the bitches. Straight up.

Real. Everyone seems to be heading to Bucharest for their samples nowadays. What is it about the Balkan sound that is appealing?

The Balkan sound is impossible not to dance to. At first I felt it was a bit gimmicky. But it just makes sense. If you get something that impossible not to dance to, add more bass and a club friendly kick. You’re away.

Give us one of your current favourite tunes. What makes it so damn good?

My new favourite is The Martin Brothers – Steal Drums.

Everyone likes a song title with a pun in it.
It crosses that tricky line, being minimal house, but being MASSSIVE at the same time. How is that possible? Minimal but Massive.

Do you think the job of the DJ has become easier due to the internet?

It means there is loads of great tunes at your fingertips, but it also means there is loads more crap getting in our nails, my god, there is a lot of crap to sift through. My job as a DJ is to sift through loads of crap and hope to come out with a little nugget of gold. And then another nugget of gold. Until I make a massive wall of gold.
Now High Rankin has brought to our attention ‘Meow Meow’s’ penis rotting affects, what as a responsible adult would you advise the kidz to ingest with their dance music?

Cranberry Juice. It’s Healthy and sorts out the inevitable Cistitis.

You heard it here first horselords. What can we expect in the future from Toothsayer and Danglo Jackson?

I’m planning to set up Toothsayer at some Festivals next summer. Get on some stages. Play some music. That way we can put music on in the sunshine AND in the night time. Oh, and I DJed in Estonia a few weeks back, and that was great. So I’m gunna of throw a Clubnight in Estonia. I love it there, their bathroom floors are heated. Why would you ever leave the bathroom if the floor was heated?

Myself, I’m going to keep producing tracks. I had a mate come over and play some saxophone last night. I’m looking forward to chopping that up and making it groovy. I might put a kick drum, a snare drum and possibly a hi-hat over it and see how it goes. Oh, and a bassline.

Love a nice bita sax. Thanks for your time mate, looking forward to the night.

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