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Stenchman - all the way down by stenchman

Haven't been to a Vagabondz night in at least a year, but their sticking to their filthy guns, unfortunatley wont be making this due to the inevitable financial difficulties of those who can't be bought (and Digital's hefty ticket price, who do they think they are?) Unless the fine people there want to extend a press pass to the humble purveyors of this modest blog, always been a fan of Digital innit? Great speakers... erm...

Nah only kidding they put on as many good nights as ones that aren't to my taste and we can't all be unrelentingly idealistic, some prefer to have some pocket money for the odd pint, new t-shirt, self-respect etc.

This is certainly going to be one of the good'uns. As well as old Action spinning his magic, which should never be missed by the right-minded, those cheeky Vagabondz are shipping in the ridiculously talented and versitile Stenchman. Check out the boy's range. Couldn't pick out out one tune, so picked many.

Couldn't find a decent full length decent quality version of 'spell on you' but here's a taste, can still hear how sick it is even if it sounds like its coming to us out of a well.

Too good, man's gone take over the world.

Legendary junglist rastafarian Congo Natty is headlining with surport from good old Marcus Nasty, who is always pretty fucking decent and would be quite something if he didn't feel the need to invite every one of his mates to chat inane nonsense over his solid beats. "When it comes to the eruption, I don't need no introduction" Though we could give MC Majestic the benefit of the doubt and credit him with a sophisticate sense of irony, with which he laudable critiques bad grammar and crass sexuality in one fell swoop, lets not, and leave him sounding like a rapist. I don't think its much less than he deserves. What is it about bass music the makes decent producers give their mates (who sound as if the took far too many pills in the formative years of adolescence) free reign to their inspid thoughts or at times hilariously bad rhymes.

For an example of decent lyricism you could try and break into MF Doom's gig at Concorde 2 15/10/10, which unfortunately sold out before I got a golden ticket. Not something think Mr Majestic will be achieving without a radical change of direction.

...oh go on, one more for luck:


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